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De Martini Cioccolato
Registered Office in Torino (TO), Italy
Corso Ferrucci 77/10
10100 Torino (Torino), Italy
Economic and Administrative Business
Register Turin no.: TO - 807898
Taxpayer's code and VAT number: 03122300019
ATECO Classification:
10.82.00 (Production of cocoa powder, chocolate, candy and confectionery)
Classificazione ATECO:
10.82.00 (Produzione di cacao in polvere, cioccolato, caramelle e confetterie)

De Martini Cioccolato s.r.l.
Corso Francia 221/A
10139 Torino (Torino), Italy
Phone: +39 011 796069
Fax: +39 011 796069

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