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Since 1930, when grandfather Ettore opened his pastry workshop in the heart of Torino , in the De Martini family is handed down the culture of taste and tradition of confectionery.
Passion and enthusiasm for our work are the ingredients of our family company. Love for our land and its traditions, are the basis of our proposals, elaborated in accordance with ancient recipes.
Over the years our company has evolved, making high quality chocolate its core business, which is expressed in the logo: a stylized “Mole” (monument symbol of Torino), lit by a moon of chocolate.
Today our story is reached by a selection of roasted coffee beens for giving you a real Italian experience. A caffè is a strong shot of espresso (the term ‘espresso’ is rarely used in Italian coffee bar parlance). A macchiato is an espresso with a dash of steamed milk. An americano is an espresso with added hot water making for a slightly longer drink. The king of all white coffees is the revered cappuccino, an espresso topped with warm frothy milk with an optional sprinkling of chocolate.

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